The Centre of Remote Sensing and Geo Informatics at Sathyabama University is working with image extraction from satellite images. These works will act as a base work for the proposed one. A level of automation can speed up the map updating process considerably. 600 square km image of Chennai City and the digitized map has been procured from NRSC through Location based Emergency System and GIS based Emergency System Projects sanctioned by the DST.

Arc GIS software is used in processing, presentation and analysis of data. Buffering and network analysis is used in the location of sensors and routing purpose. GPS survey is done to locate sensors. Each sensor is given an ID No. The data is presented in the graphical and in the form of various types of thematic maps.

The dumper bin locations are captured using Global Positioning Survey (GPS). The latitude/ longitude positions are fed in to the system as a dbf file and a shape file is generated for the same. This way, the exact locations of the sensors are captured and they are depicted as point feature. Each sensor is assigned an ID number.

Kodungaiyur DumpYard
Kodungaiyur Dump Yard
Perungudi DumpYard
Perungudi Dump Yard

Location analysis of the sensors.

As seen from the pictures, there are 40 sensors located in Circle 1-5.