Data Loggers

The data recorded by the sensor will be transmitted through wireless networks continuously as messages to a centralized Data centre web server through Open Geospatial Consortium Standard sensor web to report the GHG concentrations at the dump yards. The collected data transmitted to the data station will give an indication and an alarming increase of the GHG emissions let into the atmosphere. The data will definitely help in understanding the magnitude of Methane and Carbon dioxide emitted which can otherwise be trapped as a source of energy, by developing a Mathematical Model that would relate the quantity of GHG emitted and the amount of waste dumped on each dumpyard. The data will also be used to analyze the decomposition rate of waste by determining the Methane and Carbon dioxide generation potential of the waste disposed to the dumpyards. The model can be made well fit by knowing the average metric tonnes of municipal solid waste dumped per day and the age of the dumpyard. The GHG emission data recorded will be used as a baseline for determining the dispersion of GHG in the 5km radii of the dumpyard to facilitate the GHG Emission Impact Assessment Studies.