Perungudi Dump yard

Perungudi is seeing heightened activities in recent years due to its strategic location. The population of Perugudi was round 8,000 in 2000, but has grown significantly in the years since then. Being in the IT Corridor of Chennai, Perungudi is increasingly being preferred as a residential locality by Software Engineers. Despite significant growth, Perungudi lacks basic civic amenities such as underground storm and waste drainage system, piped potable water and good roads. Garbage is strewn openly in many places while sewage flows in open drains at other places. The resident community has not received any benefits from the Government despite the huge amount of professional tax collected from the companies located in the region. This region has gained more importance owing to location on IT highwayand proximity to city neighbourhoods like Thiruvanmyur, Adyar and Velachery.

A local resident, who lives in Pallikaranai says, “The government has been notified by local residents, environmental organizations and students again and again, and even after the massive fire in 2011 to either try and conserve the marshland or remove the dump yard to some other place but not much has been done in its support.” Sewage from the dump yard as well as non-biodegradable garbage finds its way into that freshwater swamp which will not only harm the natural aquifers of the wetland but also endangers the life of plant, bird and animal species in the marsh.

Location Perungudi
Extent Area around 200 acers
Neighbourhood Within 0.5 km (formed after dumping)
Number of years in use 25 years
Life expectancy Upto 2015
Daily waste disposed 2200 tons to 2400 MT