Kodungaiyur Dump yard

Kodungaiyur dumpyard have revealed the presence of 19 toxic chemicals that affect every part of the human body, people fighting for the closure of the dumpyard have said.

Benzene, a carcinogen, was found to be present a whopping 50 times above the levels considered safe for long-term exposure by the United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA). Another carcinogen, 1-3 Butadiene, was present 8.5 times above the USEPA safety limit. Both these chemicals are known to cause cancer over long exposure.

More alarming perhaps was the level of Acrolein, which clocked in at 12.4 times the USEPA safety limit. The chemical is flagged for its harmful effects on the eyes, skin, respiratory system and heart, even for short periods of exposure.

Air quality in Kodungaiyur is particularly unhealthy. Results of two ambient air samples taken from the garbage dump indicate the presence of dangerous levels of toxic gases, including chemicals like benzene, acrylonitrile, 1-4 dichlorobenzene and chloromethane, all carcinogens.

Location Kodungaiyur
Extent Area around 200 acers
Neighbourhood Within 1 km (are in existence)
Number of years in use 30 years
Life expectancy Upto 2015
Daily waste disposed 2100 to 2300 MT