About DST

India is the second largest in population next to China as per the U.N. World Population Prospects (2004 revision) using the medium fertility variant. Chennai is one of India’s metropolitan with 200 wards in 15 zones. With a population of 8.7 million and 500 grams per capita per day of waste generated, the metropolitan has just two dump yards and eight transfer stations to dispose 4350 MT of waste generated per day. The dump yards at Kodungaiyur (LF1) and Perungudi (LF2) have been in use for more than two decades as they were earlier part of the city non-residential limit. Due to its prolonged use the air, water and soil conditions of the neighboring areas of the two locations have been contaminated to the greatest extent. The project would focus on Managing and Monitoring Municipal Solid Waste Emissions using GIS Applications and Sensor Networks within 5 km radius of the two landfills.